Teaching English in China

What We Look For In  English Teacher

Our teachers come from an array of countries, backgrounds and experiences. Some are travelers, some are professionals and other are fresh graduates looking for a gap year. We don’t look for a finished product, we look for potential for a great teacher.

How can we define our perfect employee? 

Adventurous Spirit

What we look for in a candidate is someone who is adventurous and active, looking to travel and to learn about China or its surrounding countries and immerse themselves in a new culture. Someone who is autonomous and able to use their initiative both in and out of the workplace will thrive in this role. You will rarely have a mundane week if you are willing to look for all the possible adventures you can have. From bringing a book from a reading lesson to life to bungee jumping at Longqing Gorge – Adventure is continually around the corner!


Students are a priority and central to everything we do so we want teachers are focused on creating a fun, safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. We look for those who are kindpatient and enthusiastic. Although experience working with children is not a necessity, teachers must enjoy being around children and have a genuine interest and investment in their learning. Someone who is playful and can see the world through the eyes of students will be great in the classroom.

Positive Attitude 

Working with children is immensely rewarding but can be a challenge on some days, so we hope our teachers are able to maintain a positive attitude even when things don’t quite go to plan. Someone who is adaptable is a great candidate! Given the slightly unpredictable nature of children, our teachers should be open to change and appreciate that no one day will be the same at work. If you like learning about new technology and testing out new products in education, our classrooms are an arena for this. Our parent company, TAL, strive to incorporate effective learning through technology so you will see new or different methods of teaching students during your time working with us.

Open to Feedback

DCVIOSRY offer support for new teachers to help build them into great teachers, so someone who is open to feedback and wants to learn new skills is a must! Regardless of your experience, we believe there is always an opportunity to learn more in order to improve our service to our students. We hope for self-motivated individuals, who are looking for opportunities to improve their teaching independently as well as in a team.

Team Player

We like team players! If you enjoy working in a team, you will love working with us. Our teachers are part of multiple teams and communities in the company, on a local, regional and national level. People who are caring for their students as well as their team are the people we would like on our team!

If you think you have what it takes to be a great teacher, apply now! And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Come join our DC Family in China