Working in China

One of the world’s oldest civilizations is one of the world’s most powerful industries today. Moving to China attracts expatriates for economic opportunities as well as the cultural experience. Today, moving to China is not a distant dream, but a sudden reality for many people. China offers excellent opportunities for those interested in teaching English in China. The English language market is growing fast in China, and many new positions are becoming available. China is emerging as a global financial force, and with English firmly established as the global language of commerce, improving English competency amongst China’s citizens is a major focus for the Chinese government and there is a cry out for English teachers.

What can you expect living and working in China?

Typically teaching in China will take place at private language schools, public schools, International Baccalaureate schools, or private international schools. Teachers entering into these Chinese teaching jobs can expect a competitive salary, which includes a variety of benefits, depending on the type of school. It should be kept in mind that salaries in China are lower than in other parts of Asia, but the cost of living is much lower as well, so teachers should expect to save a significant portion of their salary.

Teachers should note that some jobs in China have contracts that are known to change once the teacher arrives. At Teach and Explore we make sure that any schools we work with are carefully screened and recognized by the government.

Full time teaching positions that combine teaching hours and office hours will add up to around 40 hours a week. Teachers will make between $1,600USD and $3,400USD per month, with many schools throwing in added perks such as free housing, free flights and contract completion bonuses.